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November 2021

Metrohm DropSens news

Dear Researcher,

This month Metrohm DropSens brings you the latest launches for 2021 so that you can continue to equip your laboratory with reliable, accurate and efficient instruments and products that will impact your research by improving the development of your assays and projects.
In addition, we have updated the publications web section with more scientific articles that may be of interest to you, don't miss these news!


NEW: SPECELL formats

NEW: Electrode material

UPDATED: Publications section

NEW: SPECELL formats


Discover the new cells designed for working with screen-printed electrodes (SPE) in 4W, 8W and 8X formats.
These cells are suitable for containing and confining large drops and ensuring good sample sealing. They are disposable, lightweight and quick to assemble for easy handling of SPEs.

NEW: Electrode material

FS-BDD reference


New electrodic material based on boron-doped diamond (BDD), which provides excellent properties for its use as an ultra-sensitive electroanalytical platform.
This material offers a wide electrochemical potential window, low background currents, chemical inertness and biocompatibility that makes it suitable for multiple applications such as electrochemical sensing, biosensing and electrocatalysis, among others.

UPDATED: Publications section

Support your research with scientific papers

The publications section in the Metrohm DropSens' website (w w w. metrohm-dropsens. com) has been updated and includes a specific section of scientific papers, among other documents such as Application Notes or White Papers that may also be of interest to you.
In the link below, you will find valuable information on the latest advances and assays on electrochemistry applications using Metrohm DropSens' products and instruments.



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