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DropSens Newsletter
May 2017
Dear Researcher,

We are completing the smart design of the BIASPE Cells with a stirrer that will allow you to reduce the electrode fouling and have a quick return of signal to baseline. In our range of electrodes we keep on exploring new inks and applications so now platinum electrodes are available with low temperature curing ink and fluorescent Graphene Quantum Dots are also part of our nanomaterials section.

DropSens - BIASTIR
BIASTIR is the perfect accessory for Batch Injection Analysis Cells (ref. BIASPE02 and ref. BIASPE10), designed for obtaining, with a tubeless system in batch conditions, similar results to a Flow Injection Analysis System. Stirring reduces electrode fouling and has an important effect on the peak current which quickly returns to baseline. Find out more
DropSens - 550BT

Following our line of gold electrodes, where two models are available (one cured at high T -AT- and other cured at low T -BT-), we have now available also Platinum electrodes manufactured with low temperature ink (ref. 550BT). These different curing inks provide different properties to the material which makes them suitable for different applications in which the roughness of the electrodic material (BT models) could play a key role. Find out more

DropSens - Graphene Quantum Dots in aqueous solution


Aqueous soluble fluorescent nanoparticles exhibit extraordinary optical and electronic properties. Graphene Quantum Dots are characterized by their chemical inertness and biocompatibility, high fluorescent activity and photostability. Suitable for electrode modification and recommended to be used with equipment's such as the STATECL for electrochemiluminescence experiments or the SPELEC for spectroelectrochemistry experiments. Find out more
DropSens Newsletter

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