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Dear Researcher,  

Metrohm DropSens is currently leading the research trend in providing innovative instrumentation for performing spectroelectrochemistry experiments. This year with the release of the SPELEC NIR equipment we completed the family of SPELEC instruments, available in the UV/VIS, RAMAN and NIR ranges. For those researchers already making use of this powerful technique, we have available a new version of the DropView SPELEC Software provided free of charge for all users.
Also, due to its incremented popularity in their Au and Pt versions, the last addition to our catalogue are interdigitated electrodes made of Silver and Copper.
Metrohm DropSens - G-IDEAG10, G-IDECU10
InterDigitated Electrodes

We have now available interdigitated electrodes of 10 um lines/gaps of Silver (ref. G-IDEAG10) and of Copper (ref. G-IDECU10) over glass substrate. The advantages these electrodes present are based on their dimensions in the order of microns and in the flat surface archieved in the subsrate. These properties make them very suitable to be used as generator/collector electrodes, for conductimetric applications, for the development of impedimetric sensors and for gas sensing at room temperature among others.
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DropView SPELEC Software and online webinar

DropView SPELEC Software is the best dedicated software available for spectroelectrochemistry applications. Running all the equipments in the Metrohm DropSens SPELEC family, it allows you to easily perform simultaneous optical and electrochemical experiments with many advanced dedicated features. A new version of this software is available now to all SPELEC users incluing improvements in the experiment film, calculation of the Autobaseline, Automeasurement or in the Workspace. You can find about these new features and about the advantages of this instrumentation subscribing to the dedicated seminar on the SPELEC RAMAN equipment that will run free of charge next 20th of December.

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