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DropSens Newsletter
February 2018
Dear Researcher,

DropSens welcomes 2018 with many novelties. First, we would like to announce the onset of the transition from DropSens brand to Metrohm DropSens. On the other hand, we have released three new products that will be added to our catalogue: A Dual Screen-Printed Ferrocyanide/Carbon Electrode (ref. XFF10), an Interdigitated Gold Electrode with a Platinum heater (ref. IDEAU200-HPT-WB) and a Cuvette Holder (ref. CUV) ideal to be used with our SPELEC instruments.

Metrohm DropSens - 110

DropSens brand moves to Metrohm DropSens

As a result of our recent incorporation to the Metrohm family, DropSens will turn into Metrohm DropSens. This will imply a gradual change in the branding of our unique original products, but keeping their designs and performance, thus remaining as the leader brand for Screen-Printed Electrodes and portable electrochemical instrumentation.

DropSens - XFF10

Dual Screen-Printed Ferrocyanide/Carbon Electrodes

We are adding new references to our line of Dual Screen-Printed Electrodes, suitable for recording two signals simultaneously. This time we are releasing a Dual Screen-Printed Ferrocyanide/Carbon Electrode (ref. XFF10) suitable for the determination of hydrogen peroxide at low detection potentials. Find out more

DropSens - IDEAU200-HPT-WB

Interdigitated Gold Electrode with Platinum heater

Following our innovation policy, we have developed a new version of our Interdigitated Gold Electrodes (ref. IDEAU200-HPT-WB) that includes a Platinum heater in one of its sides, that can be used to control the operating temperature in the sensing layer. Ideal for the development of gas sensors. Find out more

DropSens - CUV

Cuvette Holder

In order to take full advantage of our SPELEC equipments, DropSens has added to the Spectroelectrochemical Accessories Section a Cuvette Holder (ref. CUV). Designed to perform spectroscopic measurements with liquid samples in a cuvette, it is compatible with any other conventional light source and spectrometer. Find out more

DropSens Newsletter

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