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DropSens Newsletter
April 2017
Dear Researcher,

We always look for new ways of improving the working conditions and the availablity to different DropSens products for different applications. For this reason, we have now launched a CELL in PEEK material along with a Holder and cables with 4mm banana connectors. With the release of many different accessories the number of applications where DropSens is used is highly increasing. Find about what is new in the Publication Section in our website!

DropSens - Cell-Peek and Cell Holder
As part of the kit suitable for organic and inorganic applications with the portable Bipotentiostat/Galvanostat STAT400-OI we released a CELL in PEEK (ref. CELL-PEEK) suitable for working in batch analysis with Screen-Printed Electrodes and an accessory (ref. CELLHOLDER) to better hold the set up. You can now acquire these accessories separately for your own experiment settlements. Find out more
DropSens - 4MM Connectors
4MM Connectors

DropSens electrodes have gained an important reputation among Researchers into many applications in the analytical field and its use has become now a part of the daily life in a lot of R&D Laboratories and Departments. In order to facilitate a better connexion to different systems we have now available CAC cables (ref. CAC4MMH) and DSC (ref.DSC4MM) connectors with 4mm banana/crocodiles. Find out more

DropSens - Publications


The best guide and approach to the use of DropSens products can be found in the Publication Section of our website which has now being updated with many articles also using lately released products such as Interdigitated Electrodes. Find out what other researchers are doing with DropSens electrodes and equipments in your field of investigation!
DropSens Newsletter
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