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DropSens Newsletter
March 2018
Dear Researcher,

This month two new references are added to our Nanomaterials Section: a stabilized dispersion of Rhodium Nanoparticles in citrate (ref. RHNP-COL) and a dispersion in acetone of Bismuth Nanoparticles (ref. BINP-PUR). Besides that, a new laboratory practice offering a pedagogic method for the detection of L–lactic acid in wines has been released. Finally, the Publications Section in DropSens website was updated with a great number of references dealing with multiple innovative applications of DropSens products.

DropSens - Metal Nanoparticles
Metal Nanoparticles

Following our line of metal nanoparticles, where Gold, Palladium and Platinum are available, we are releasing two new materials: a stabilized colloidal dispersion of Rhodium Nanoparticles in citrate (ref. RHNP-COL) and a purified dispersion of Bismuth Nanoparticles in acetone (ref. BINP-PUR). Useful for electrocatalysis or analytical applications, among others. Find out more
DropSens - Lab kit

New Electrochemistry Lab Kit: Determination of L-lactic acid in wines

We are adding this new laboratory practice (ref. PL6) to our Lab Kits range which allows convenient electrochemistry training through the use of our Lactate sensors. This kit contains Professor's and Student's guidelines, as well as Screen-Printed Electrodes suitable to perform this useful analysis to determine the quality of wines. Find out more

DropSens - Publications Section

DropSens Publications Section has been updated with more than 200 new scientific articles that use our products. Find out what other Researchers are doing with DropSens electrodes and equipments in your field of investigation. Find out more
DropSens Newsletter

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